Looking Up

Last week-end we had a heavy snow – not very deep but wet and heavy with some ice under it. As I was walking up a long lane I made sure to look up every time I stopped to take some photos. Every few minutes I would hear a loud crack, somewhat like a gun shot, in the woods. When I looked in that direction, I would sometimes see a big limb falling and hitting the ground – sending up a big cloud of snow. I didn’t want to be under one of those limbs when the weight of the snow and ice caused them to crack and fall.

Thanks, Becky, for January Squares with the theme of “up”. Just think of a photograph depicting something relating very broadly to “up” and square it “up” before linking it to Becky’s post.

20 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Wow, beautiful winter scenery! Although it usually gets very cold during the winter time, I love the stillness and quietness of woodlands. With no insects buzzing around, it’s easier to distinguish the birdsongs. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Wishing you a very Happy New Year ☺️ Aiva


  2. Oh wow is that a beautiful snow photo – and whew – I would not want to be under heavy crackling limbs
    And pat – is this your first winter time not in Florida in many years?


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