Now and Then

One month ago the tree in our side yard looked like this. A few leaves had fallen but there were still some leaves that were fading their green. This morning when I got up a little after 7:00 for our weekly run to the grocery I found…

And the tree in our side yard looks like this…

Between “then & now” seems like such a short time but so much has changed, at least outside of our home. Inside we continue to hunker down in place, not seeing other people and only going out for essential reasons.

I know I have the right to go out and do as I please – I have a right to be maskless, but I also know I can make choices. Because I have a choice I have control over so much more of what happens in my life than relying just on fate. Making choices involves thinking about the options, reading and listening to experts so I know what the potential consequences are of each option, and thinking about the consequences for the people I love most and for society at large. I also know that situations change and I can reconsider my choices as I receive new information.

I haven’t been listening to much of the political commentary on TV because of political and Covid fatigue but I did happen to click on Rachael Maddow the other night to hear this segment on Rachael’s lockdown because of coming in contact with someone who was positive and her experience of caring for her infected wife who she is living apart from because of their exposure; and her experience of their fear that Susan was going to die. I love Jim and my children more than I can communicate. Thank you, Rachael, for putting my choices in those terms. Please listen to her honest and difficult description of her life right now and her plea to all of us.

The Lens-Artist Challenge for this week is “Now and Then.” It inspired me to spend a few minutes outside taking some photographs this morning, but also has me thinking about how life has changed between then and now. It also gives me hope that now won’t be forever – now will move into something different. I no longer think about Mondays or Thursdays or Sundays. Most important, wedged between all the yesterdays and next-days, are my todays. Today I am going to live my life with contentment and satisfaction. I will focus on picking up my yesterday socks from my reading room floor, make the bed, have another cup of coffee and a small dish of apple crisp, dry the clothes in the washing machine, work on sewn Christmas presents for friends and family, and make some stir fry for supper.

How will you choose to spend your today?

29 thoughts on “Now and Then

  1. Loved your take on the challenge Pat. Your images are beautiful, especially your world of white although I’d pass on the cold that comes with it! Agree wholeheartedly about the choices we make and why we make them. This too shall pass – the goal is to get to the point where we can look back at it.

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  2. I enjoy reading your now and then and seeing these wonderful tree photos coving with snow. The first one is like a beautiful Christmas card. I, too, have done some of those chores.
    Thank you, Pat for reminding me to live our life with contentment and satisfaction. 🙂


  3. Lovely tree both before and after, Pat. Snow lights up the world in beautiful ways.
    I did see Rachel’s plea and her directness cut to the heart of the issue. Do what we need to do to keep one another safe.


  4. Pat, so much craziness out here! Today was a perfect day to settle in and enjoy the day. Jennie did some Thanksgiving prep shopping for our three person event, a process that too way to long after we thought we had made it manageable. Anyway, be safe and well.


  5. It would appear that winter has arrived there…quite enjoyed this post…as for me I shall spend the day with a smile on my face and enjoying each precious moment I have left…cheers!


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