Love the Morning Light

The Lens-Artist Photo Challenge this past week has been focused on “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Anne. I’ve been slow to get my post together because of a busy week that include cataract surgery on my first eye. But I found time to go through my files for some of my favorite photos taken in the morning light while on photo shoots down dirt roads.

Some of my photos were taken in June – meaning that the time inprint on the photos of 5:45 am was accurate. The sun comes up early in Michigan at that time of year. The sun’s allure is pretty strong to get me up at 5:30 to catch those first rays of gold.

I had great fun watching some swans on a small inland lake doing their equivalent of our morning shower. Look for the feathers floating on the water as they preen.

29 thoughts on “Love the Morning Light

  1. I’m glad your operation went well. I understand the fear. I took my mum to have her cataracts removed a few years ago and I was terrified. She said her perception of colours completely changed. Is it the same for you?


    • Yes, it was like changing the white balance in Lightroom or a camera. After the first eye was done I kept closing one eye to see the difference. With the cataract everything had a yellow hew, the surgical eye saw the world as being…- the whites were dazzling. The paint on my walls were all a different color. Luckily they were the color I chose before the cataracts developed and I still like them.

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  2. Eyes are so precious, arenโ€™t they? Iโ€™m glad your op was a great success. Iโ€™ve had four eye operations over the past few years and Iโ€™m so grateful for the sight I still have. Your early morning photos are lovely, especially the first one. ๐Ÿ˜


    • Thanks, Sylvia. I agree about our eyesight – that is what makes me nervous about surgery. The surgeon who is doing my eyes is world renowned for having developed the procedure that is now standard care so that makes me more comfortable.

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  3. Lovely, serene images Pat. Your morning walks look really beautiful. You must be an early riser by nature๐Ÿ˜Š. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Thanks for making the extra effort to join us !


  4. Such lovely light in them all, Pat. I must agree with others – the first two are my favourites. Glad your operation went well – hope next one does too! Wishing you a calm and beautiful weekend.


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