Reflections on the Day After

I was so relieved when the major news outlets began calling our election for Joe Biden. For those who don’t live in the U.S., it takes several weeks for every single vote to be counted and the results certified in every single voting precinct across the country so the election can be officially “called”. I’m not sure who does this official call because I don’t think anyone has ever said it or I didn’t pay any attention because it was already a given who had won. How elections results are announced or unofficially called is through special teams at each news outlet who use statistics from each state’s official source and do calculations of votes cast for each candidate and the estimate of uncounted ballets in each precinct – all put through a number cruncher until they believe there is no way the loosing candidate could catch up. They are very cautious, and sometimes get it wrong but mostly they get it right. This time they were being extra cautious because of Trump’s constant lying that the election process was rigged and the media couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth. As soon as the news source we were watching called the race, most other television and print news sources jumped on board within a matter of minutes.

I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and I wanted to be excited and jubilant but my fear of what lies ahead seemed to be an anchor holding me in place, not allowing me to join in the celebrations happening in cities across my country. The majority of voters said they wanted something new, were tired of the chaos, destruction, and lies of the current leader. This gives me hope but the truth I need to wrestle with is that almost as many people said through their votes that they like the way things are in our government. I don’t get it, but…

The first thing I noticed was that I kept taking deep breaths as I moved around the house, never far from the TV. It felt like I could breath again after holding my breath for the past four years. As I exhale I say to myself, “Everything is going to be okay.” I don’t have to worry about the next daily crisis for our government, our democracy, our people. Except for the next ten week until Inauguration Day.

I was also close to tears all day long. Not tears of joy, or tears of relief; but tears of grief and sorrow over how hard the past four years have been. I don’t have a personality that is prone to anxiety or fear – if there is a problem I find a solution or believe that someone in power will fix it. There are times when life has been difficult, times when injustice seems to outweigh justice. But 76 years of maturation has made me good at distinguishing between what I have control over and what I don’t. The past four years have been different, however, with what seemed like a constant of news creating overwhelming fear and unproductive rage. It will take me a while to lick my wounds and sooth on the balms that heals.

Right now I am too tired to think about how to heal. Right now I am so fatigued that my brain is mush and I’m getting kitchen burns through stupid mistakes. I feel the fatigue that doesn’t lift with a good night’s sleep or a healthy meal or a walk on an unseasonably warm, sunny November day. My daily anger and fear over the past 4 years has wore me down to the point where I can’t pretend any longer, I can’t convince myself that I have enough energy to do what I think I want to do. My attention span is about half a minute and my concentration is about half a sentence long.

I found joy listening to the speeches of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden last night. How wonderful it is to hear a president (elect) and a vice-president (elect) that speak in clear and understandable sentences; who have coherent and well thought out ideas based on science and the knowledge of experts about how to fix our problems. How wonderful to listen to people who are trustworthy, who don’t lie and repeat disclaimed conspiracy theories.

It feels like we, as a democracy, were sorely tested. So many of us were afraid the bedrock of our democracy, elections that allow all people to vote and all votes are honestly counted, was not going to hold against the on-slot of lies and voter repression attempts. But they did. We have proven that our great experiment of rule by and for the people is strong and enduring – even when there are attempts to undermine it by unsavory characters in our country and around the world. Our justice system has been corrupted but I believe it can be fixed and even improved to extend justice to previously disenfranchised groups. There are changes that may need to be made to our Constitution given the changes that have taken place since it was written in 1778. And once again there will be talk about whether the Electoral College that has failed in recent elections should be abolished so that election results are a more honest depiction of the will of our citizens. It feels so wonderful that once again we will be moving forward in our desire to create a “more perfect union.”

20 thoughts on “Reflections on the Day After

  1. Yep! Exactly what psyops is intended to do, to taint all, to change behaviors, much like what happens in Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families, we all become sick and gain ways of coping and seeing and being that are NOT true to us, and it is Near impossible to simply put them down, without help from some power greater than ‘the crap’, the thoughts, the resentments, fears, and harms. Hope you are well!

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  2. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to wait for the news so anxiously. Apparently, the new president has ancestors in Ballina, which is in County Mayo, and people in Ireland already celebrated his victory with flags and Guinness. Best of luck with everything. Let’s see what the next four years will bring. Take care 😀 Aiva


  3. The aftermath is testing and also fascinating, but it is the aftermath. Trump is yesterday’s man. His behaviour now is an embarrassment. Without his chum in the White House Johnson may tone down his Brexit stance, though IDS, a moral vacuum in a suit, seems as determined as ever to take us over the brink.


    • It is interesting how non-important Trump seems now. It feels like he has been castrated – although some are saying that he will have lasting power. The Washington Post has an article saying that Fox Channel and Trump are growing apart.

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      • Yes, the moment the result became known he seemed an irrelevant nuisance, nothing more. And that’s how he is, but hose who think like him are harder to crack.


    • I am confident. I am hoping that money is spent on public announcements that explain that socialism is a continuum and tell people the ways they are already living in a socialist country.


  4. I so agree, Pat! It’s such a relief to think we may return to sanity. Last night’s speeches by both Biden and Harris were such a breath of fresh air, positivity, and logical sentence structure. I confess I cried all the way through both of them. And it’s been thrilling to see the worldwide reaction. Now, if we can just get through these next 10 weeks…. There will be plenty of work to do, but we’ll be up for it.

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