Laughing Orchids



Have you noticed that people find comments or jokes funny depending on their perspective? If we are the butt of the joke, it can be hard to laugh. I keep people close who have a kind and gentle sense of humor – those able to find humor in the things that we do that don’t make sense. I love finding humor in the way words are put together or used in ways that have unintended meaning.


This is a response to BeckyB’s July Challenge of Squares – Perspective.

16 thoughts on “Laughing Orchids

  1. Humor doesn’t come easy to.many…some just do not have a sense of humour..
    Humour and adventure are two aso which make life worth living…take it beyond ordinary…


    • How wonderful. I know there is a study that found that tears shed with grief change the body’s blood chemistry so I would venture a guess that honest laughter from deep within would also change chemistry. If I was to start over in a career I think I would do brain research using functional MRI.


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