Summer: Farmers’ Markets are a Comin’

One of my greatest joys of summer is going to the farmer’s market to obtain produce and flowers for a summer’s evening meal.

Here in Michigan vegetables are just beginning to ripen and farmers are beginning to show up for the markets. On my first three trips to local markets I found some strawberries, tomatoes, zuchinni, summer squash, snap peas, romaine lettuce, blueberries, and raspberries. I am hoping our favorite berry people, Ken & Janet, will be here next Tuesday with the very sweetest blueberries I have had anywhere.

Our daughter Sharon decided to work from our home in Michigan for July and August to escape the southern Texas heat and severe outbreak of Covid-19. She drove, bringing her canning jars and pressure cooker so she could can tomatoes and all the other fresh vegetables that will be harvested in those two months. We are especially eager to work together making relishes and salsas to fill our pantries.

It took me a while to narrow down what I like about summer when the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Summer came out this week. I could have posted on my summer garden, sewing in my three-season room, sprinklers, inland lakes with small docks, camping and picnics. Oh, and my purple porch swing, outings for ice cream, corn growing in the neighboring fields…

26 thoughts on “Summer: Farmers’ Markets are a Comin’

  1. Our markets are now open. We have one that comes near us on Tuesday afternoons, and I love to be there. Yesterday, I bought fresh gigantic blackberries, freestone peaches, fingerling potatoes, and red, ripe tomatoes. A summer feast!


    • Awe, I wish you could join us, Tina. Although our anticipation may be growing a bit bigger than time and energy can accommodate. She does work 8 hours five days a week. But we will work it out.

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  2. Our 2 markets in the county are open, but restricted to fewer vendors and people. Because of crowds, I stay away. So, I’m really enjoying that fresh produce you photographed.


    • We had a very short strawberry season because it was too cold for them to ripen and now it has been 90 for a couple of weeks and they all ripened at once. We only found them once. Last year there weren’t any in our local area.


  3. Farmers markets are my happy place and I’m delighted they are finally allowed to open again. Fresh berries and bread are just a few of the things I cannot live without. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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