Perspective from my Swing


My summertime ritual is to have my first or second cup of coffee on my front porch, sitting on my purple porch swing, surveying my front garden. This seems to ground me, helping to draw my perspective closer to things I have control over, or delude myself into believing I have control. Lately my gaze seems to becoming even narrower to the pot of begonias I have at my feet. They are bringing me a great deal of joy.

I am finding that my perspective needs to expand to keep abreast of the US political problems and pandemic, and even further to other hot spots in the world. But I can only take in so much of this big picture before I need to draw back to those things that settle and sooth me.

I think I will have some fun participating in Becky’s July theme of “The Art of Perspective.” Click to join in the fun.

21 thoughts on “Perspective from my Swing

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    • I have a critter that picks on just two plants at night. Even though there are siblings planted just a few feet away. We have Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, but not Hooded Orioles. I’ll have to look them up and I am so happy I can bring joy into your life. Stay safe there in southern CA.


  2. oh I am with you with finding things to ground me at the moment. Such tough times for us all, and everyday there is something else to add to the woes. So hope we find a way out of it all which is fair and equitable for everyone

    Loving your square and your perspective. delighted you are joining us again for squares

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