It seems like finding a photo that reflects “simplicity” would be simple. Every topic I considered seemed to reflect complexity rather than simplicity. Part of my problems seemed to be confusing simplicity with uncomplicated. I came across some old barns in my files (more likely to happen than not with the large number that I’ve taken) and I was tempted to use one, but barns aren’t simple. Their construction is complex along with maintaining them. And farming doesn’t seem to be for the faint hearted.

I settled on this dew-dropped grass because it seems so simple. Oh wait, ours is getting long up in Michigan and our lawn guy e-mailed saying it is growing but he can’t get to it because of the covid-19 stay at home order. And we are stuck in Florida for now so can’t mow it ourselves.

Maybe I’ll just have a simple supper tonight but not post it. Even that would be simpler if Jim were cooking.

Anyway, I had a chuckle or two as I did this simple post for Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #91: Simplicity. A new challenge should be posted tomorrow. Maybe it will be “Complexity” – now that should be a simple one to do.

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