A Tree Topper


A month ago our son left for a walk but returned to say there were a pair of Bald Eagles in a Norfolk Pine. We had seen him on top of another Norfolk Pine a couple of weeks prior to this sighting. Norfolk Pines are the tallest perches in our neighborhood in southwest Florida and this majestic bird seems to think they are for him alone. Seems like a very special Christmas tree topper.

I’m participating in Becky’s April Squares.


15 thoughts on “A Tree Topper

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  2. Doesn’t he, or is it she, look handsome. They are such amazing birds. I have flown a male, not the female as they are too heavy, but even the male was a huge weight when he landed on my arm!


    • Thank, I don’t have a long lens and didn’t want to take time to get my tripod so I was pleased. Not as sharp as it could be but still shows their grandness. Missing you guys.


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