Sunset on the Gulf


The time of day when the sun slides behind the horizon, pulling the day’s light behind it.

When time is suspended, between the end of this day and our approaching awareness of the one to come.

A soft time of light… not as harsh as our “should have” and “could have” awareness of a day with no second chances.

Like the forever horizon, will our lives reach forever, our days beyond measure? Or do we number them?

What did we do with our today, how will we use our tomorrow?


In response to the 2020 Photo Challenge #14 – Horizontal Lines

12 thoughts on “Sunset on the Gulf

    • The beaches closed right after that visit. I’m not sure why they closed them because I never had trouble keeping social distance. Anyway it is way too hot to be on the beach now. Our daily temp is in the 90’s with high humidity so it feels over 100. But I would gladly give you a week-end here if possible.


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