My Foul Mood is in Lock-Down – Don’t Want it to Spread


My mood is foul this morning so I went to the files of photos taken at the Naples Botanical Garden through the middle of March when the garden closed to visitors. I thought I would post something cheery. Maybe I’m assuming everyone else is as grumpy as I am, or maybe I am hoping I can cheer myself up in the process.

The first photo in the file of my last visit is the one above. I remember taking it as the early morning sun was reflecting off the ripples on the water’s surface, making stripes on the foliage of some water iris. The solitude of the early morning garden, the poetry of a quiet breeze punctuated by bird calls, the cool air with a promise of warm sun are captured in this somewhat messy still-life, a reflection of a somewhat messy real-life. This photo was a strong contender – it reflected calm and peace.

I thought of using a photo of the water iris, but went right by them – they just seemed too cheery for this morning. Besides the front leaves were out of focus and this grated on my nerves – so I looked in an earlier file for some photos that I knew were technically better. They were nicely done but still too cheery, so none made the cut.


I quickly scrolled through the other photos, but none emitted the emotions I wanted to share with you… until I reached the last one. I lingered on this image, the same way I did when I first downloaded it. It exudes a sense of grace and beauty. There is a natural beauty to this orchid that I couldn’t improve with post-processing. As my eye travels around the composition it brings me a sense of peace and well-being, almost making my grumpiness fade into the background (if you look closely you can see it in the upper, left-hand corner).


Deciding which one to use is really difficult. I guess I’ll get a glass of water, take my morning pills, and finish up the masks I’m sewing.

Please stay safe and stay well.

16 thoughts on “My Foul Mood is in Lock-Down – Don’t Want it to Spread

  1. The orchid is a perfect choice. beautifully photographed too. One of my blogging buddies, Oddment, invented a new word because she was feeling so grumpy – a grrruru. It isn’t easy to say. 🙂


  2. Yes, our moods whiplash all over the place. A friend says she feels like they are on an endless loop. This crisis is the biggest challenge of our age. Take it easy, one day at a time.


  3. Your grumpy post put a smile on my face. I hope your mood improved over the day.
    I am finding helping others feel better during this time is helping to lift my mood.


    • My grumpy mood did improve – especially after some coffee/chocolate ice cream. I worked on face masks and had fresh shrimp for supper. Virtual hug back at both of you.


  4. It’s raining here is SoCal so our mood is fine…we get so little rain that when we do it get it…it’s a time for celebration…thanks for the lovely flowers to start our week off.:-)


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