Texture Within Texture


During the 2018-19 tourist season, the Naples Botanical Garden hosted an exhibit of  sculptures by glass artist Hans Goto Frabel. There was a variety of sculptures made of glass, but these made from mirrors challenged me the most as I attempted to capture them. I photographed them week after week, learning from every attempt.

Jude is focusing on textures as she inspires us to join her in thinking about the foundations of good photography. This week’s assignment is to find something smooth and get in close to photograph it. I have been wanting to do a post on these and this is perfect – although getting in close involves cropping.

The above sculpture was placed on the entrance boardwalk, and the facets reflected the tropical foliage, the railings, and the beautiful floor. The smooth, reflective texture of the mirror facet shows the texture of the flooring boards.


The next mirrored sculpture was situated where I turned to the boardwalk over The Water Garden. This sculpture was impossible to walk by without experiencing how the facets fractured the landscapes around it. I took a boat-load of photos of this one – and later deleted them from my lap-top. The smooth, reflecting surfaces become even more disorienting when captured in a two-dimensional photograph.


When getting up close, it becomes even more disorienting.


You can see other interpretations of smooth textures by visiting Jude’s blog here.

15 thoughts on “Texture Within Texture

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  3. How intriguing. These must have been difficult to photograph as you’re not quite sure what you are seeing. But smooth they definitely are and very beautiful in their garden setting. Thanks Pat 🙂


    • Thank you, Isobel. It was fun sharing them as it took a lot of clicks of the shutter to get these the way I thought they should look – especially in two dimension.

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