Garden Roof


This roof represents one of my top 25 favorite places in the Naples Botanical Garden. This is the roof I sit under after taking my first 100 photographs. On my normal go-around this is the place, the Asian Garden, that I reach when I am hot, my hip is starting to hurt, I’m getting tired and a bit dehydrated. I look for this roof, and what is under it to sooth my weary spirit.

I sit on a bench, pull out a bottle of water, and smile as I look through the morning captures on my camera monitor.


And then I take some more photos of the landscape around this structure.


Ah, but I can’t forget that this post is in response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and her topic this week is roofs. This roof has beautiful lines and is covered in tiles that provide an interesting focal point among the green foliage growing around it.

If you enter these photos for a calming retreat, you will have to provide the songs of birds and a small water fall, both stored in your memory from similar special places with special roofs. There is room on the bench beside me and we can have a fun chat.

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