Water Lilies With an Address


I was thinking of my disappointment when I left the tanks containing the water lily competition entries that weren’t blooming (A Steamy Visit – But Where are the Lilies?). I was also feeling the oppressive heat and humidity even though it was only 8:30 in the morning – but all that was quickly forgotten when I reached the pavilion overlooking the ponds in the Asian Garden. Here a beautiful lily was beginning to open, one of many, many that have the Naples Botanical Garden as their address, but one I hadn’t seen before.

I became engrossed with capturing the beauty of the above lily, another lily blooming there and some seed pods.

After a stop at the cafe for a ginger limeade, I was revitalized and the humidity had dropped so I went in search of more water lilies. I know there is a finite number of lilies that have made this garden their home, but I never tire of finding a new camera angle or slant of light to take a few more photos of old friends.

14 thoughts on “Water Lilies With an Address

    • Thanks, Michael. While you in the north are having cold temps, we have had only one day when we weren’t under air in the last month. Not normal fall weather.


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