On the Cusp of the Canadian Rockies


I went out before breakfast to record this moment in time – not very early but still it shows how important it is to me. After close to a week of looking at prairie land in North Dakota (US), Manitoba, and Saskatchewan we began to see some rolling farmland and even uncultivated land in Alberta. Once we we got through Edmonton the hills got steeper and longer and there were forests.

Now we are camping on the edge of Jasper National Park of the Canadian Rockies. The photo above is from our campground and we will be exploring this part of the Canadian Rockies for the next few days before we head south to other parts of the Rockies.


Drives are long in the Canadian Rockies, probably because the mountains are BIG. We have been here before, about 16 years ago, about I don’t remember them like I am seeing them now. This may be because of my poor memory but it could also be because a whole lot of water has gone under my bridge in this time and I am a different person, seeing the world in a different way.

We drove the Yellowhead Highway between Hinton, where we were camping, and Jasper several time and each time the mountains looked different. On each drive we pulled over so I could take more photos of mountains and lakes.


There are so many trails in the mountains, trails that enticed me, made me wish I was younger. My last long mountain hike was up Mt. Robson to a turquoise mountain lake for lunch on a picnic table – that was 16 years ago before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia that has sapped my energy and seems to weaken my muscles.

On this trip another trail pulled me in and that story is coming. Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “On the Cusp of the Canadian Rockies

  1. nice share…i find your blog very interesting that’s i am going to follow your blog…and i want to invite you as well for visit & follow my blog!


  2. “â€ĶI am a different person, seeing the world in a different way.”…..I could say exactly the same- but I think we are each determined enough to manage it the best we can!


  3. “…I am a different person, seeing the world in a different way.” Yep. And that’s what makes your current trip so fascinating…the rediscovery.
    I’m taking each step with you on this blogging account…so am looking forward to the trail-story!

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