Your Table is Ready


We have such good luck at finding great places to dine and yesterday’s lunch was right up there. As we walked to the dining room from our car in the Maligne Valley in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, two tables were vacated – ours was at the far side with a great view of the river. Music was provided by the Maligne River.


We had a fresh, healthy meal of Gouda cheese and apple slices on multi-grain club crackers, humas and fig preserves on crackers, carrot sticks and Jim had yogurt and granola.

Before we drove back to the camper, we went into Jasper – a small town with what seemed like millions of summer visitors and a steady stream of traffic moving in every direction. As we entered town I saw The Bear Claw bakery on a side street so we circled back and as fate would have it there was a parking place right in front, reserved just for us.

I walked in and (after waiting in line a short time) said I would like one of those plump, big ginger cookies and an oatmeal raisin one for Jim, Jim said he wanted a dark chocolate scone, I said put a raspberry white chocolate scone in the bag, too. The line to pay didn’t move quite fast enough so I also asked for an apple square. We have tried a bit of everything but the oatmeal cookie and they are sooooo good.

I’m getting pretty good at my primary assigned job of bakery patrol.

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