Canadian Rocky Mountains


We drove the Maligne Road on a cloudy day with some blue sky or a blue sky day with lots of heavy clouds. Jim wouldn’t let me drive because he says I sight see too much when I drive. I didn’t have a good argument.

The lack of blue skies made the lakes grey but we were were wow-ed by the mountains that surrounded us. I had fun capturing peaks that were highlighted by the sun – making them the leading star in their turn.

As I think back, it was this series of peaks that awed us the most.


It was either the movement of the sun, the slight clearing of clouds, or the direction we were driving, but they were most impressive on our way out. Even Jim broke his rule of no sight seeing while driving – I caught him in the act with each “Wow, look at that.”


The red trees you see at the lower elevations aren’t early Fall color as I first thought. Because of milder winters during the past three years, the Pine Beetles have thrived and moved into Jasper National park. They turn the needles red and kill the trees. The Park Service is doing several things to help nature bring new growth to these areas.

5 thoughts on “Canadian Rocky Mountains

  1. The pine beetles infestation appear to be another consequence of climate change. The mountains in your photos are lovely, but I notice that, even if it’s summer, it seems strange that they do not have any glaciers. Has this also been an issue in recent years? Glacier National Park in Montana is suffering this fate.


  2. The pine beetles infestation seems to be another consequence of climate change! Sad to see these forests go! The mountains are lovely but another thing that struck me is that, even in summer, they do not have any glaciers. Has this also been an issue in recent years? I’ve heard the same thing is happening in Glacier National Park in Montana. I guess I’d better go there soon if I want to see what it is named for1


    • I think the only glaciers in Glacier National Park are way off the roadways. They have to hiked to. There are glaciers in Canadian Rockies and I’ll be posting photos soon.


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