Orchids – 2016

Spending some time cleaning out old files and smiling that my criteria for photos worth saving has changed a lot in just a few years. I am deleting a lot of them but here are some orchids worth saving because they still bring me pleasure. They were taken in November of 2016 – I’m looking forward to visiting them again when we return to Naples Florida in the fall.

These orchids were blooming in the Naples Botanical Garden, that has the largest outdoor orchid collection in the country. Well worth a visit if you are an orchid lover and in the southern part of Florida. They have over 1,000 orchids with different blooming seasons.

9 thoughts on “Orchids – 2016

    • Happy to share my thought process while I have been culling my photos over the past few days. They need to have sharp focus and have a pleasing composition with minimal details distracting from the main subject. Sometimes I will keep photos that aren’t technically good because they record some part of my life story/history, like travel for family gatherings. I also look for photos that I can print 4 x 5 to make note cards from and be sure they are tagged so I can find them the next time I work on that project. Because I visited the Botanical Garden every Tues. morning during the 5 months we are in Florida over the past 9 years, I delete many of the earlier photos that I know I have similar or better ones taken in the past two years. Anyone else that wants to add criterion, please do. I would be interested in what other people use.


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