Farewell Delights

I had a beautiful day for my last visit to the Naples Botanical Garden before we headed north. Everything looked really different because they had been cleaning out the water gardens and trimming out the foliage in the other gardens. Then I realized that the glass sculptures were gone – and how empty the garden felt. You can read about them by clicking on these links. Surprise at the Garden and Balancing Act   Here are a few photos from other visits as I continued to practice capturing the beauty that they brought to the landscaping where they were installed.

This exhibit is one of my two favorite from the past five years. I also really liked the origami sculptures. Amazing Lines – Origami   As I wandered around I kept thinking I should walk over to where a sculpture is to see how the light is catching it – oops, it isn’t there any more. But there were many things to catch my interest.

When I reached the succulent garden I was excited to see the cacti that were blooming, especially this one where I could capture the various phases of blooming.

And this one that has such an interesting structure.


The produce garden is growing nicely, showing people the types of edibles that can be grown in Florida and to provide fresh produce for the chef at the cafe.

As I was sitting at the cafe I saw the chef walking back from collecting something from another part of the garden – maybe by where the bananas grow. My scone and ginger limeade was excellent.


We are in Michigan now and I am finding delight in the early spring landscape, even though I skipped the long, dreary, cold winter. These images of Florida seem very far away, both in distance and time.

9 thoughts on “Farewell Delights

  1. I enjoyed the pictures. They remind me of the times we were there.
    Welcome back to Michigan. I hope we can spend some time together soon – perhaps at Meijer Gardens.


  2. Beautiful and peaceful images. Welcome back to the Midwest, but since I’m not in your corner of the Midwest anymore, I don’t know if that’s correct for me to say! Welcome back to snow country at least.


        • As I was opening my computer this morning I made the decision not to look at the weather forecast for the next 10 days. Today the skies are cloudy and I will live each day at a time instead of getting depressed about all the cloudy days to come (and snow?). And then I opened your message. Gee, thanks Lois. I agree, Enough! LOL

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