Finding Joy in our Faith


Our faith traditions and stories give our lives meaning – they guide us in our living and give us hope for our futures. When the world around us is off kilter and scary we know we can look to the stories we have heard since we were children for comfort.

As Christians we are remembering and celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and our Jewish neighbors are celebrating God leading the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt. May our shared belief in one God bring us together and give us the courage to lead lives that are compassionate, loving and joyful. May we all work together for justice and equality.


6 thoughts on “Finding Joy in our Faith

  1. Well, I have been labelled a few different things in my life, but anonymous is a first. Looks liker WP has logged me out, so now I need to find the back door and sneak in. Cheers.


  2. What a wonderful wish for this time of year, true regardless of your faith, or a believer or a non believer. Have a wonderful Easter and a safe journey back home. Cheers.

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