Succulents in the Garden


What a grand morning in the succulent garden at the Naples Botanical. I have taken a liking to succulents because of this garden but never have I enjoyed snooping around as much as this morning. It was the first Tuesday after Daylight Saving Time so my normal 8 o’clock arrival saw the 7 o’clock sun. Because of this change in time and light, I went first to the eastern side wetland section of the garden to catch to catch the low morning light on the marsh foliage and water. The succulents are on the way back from there so I wandered through while the temp was still on the cool side and the light was less harsh. Usually it is one of my last stops of my morning photo stroll. Please join me.

There are old world succulents and new world, although I didn’t notice where one stopped and the other began. I think my aesthetic gene is stronger than my scientific one.

I spent time admiring how hard structures are used among the succulents – and how the succulents then mold around, maybe hug, the rocks.

This is blooming time for many of the plants, and the weather has been gentle to them. Perfect for photographing.

The color and graceful curves of this plant was like a siren’s call.


And how could I resist photographing a plant named “Mangave – Spotty Dotty?”


The small blooms on the tip of this cactus caught my eye, but when I processed my photos I realized that it needed the softness of the adjacent plant for the beauty of the cactus to be fully realized. I wonder how much of our individual beauty is dependent on the contrasting beauty of those around us?


I met Amanda who is in charge of the succulent garden and spent a little time talking with her. She and a volunteer were filling the back of one of their work carts with the debris from cleaning a small section. It is a constant task given the 12 month growing season and well, life requires a little tidying up every once in a while. She told me that they had added 600 plants in the past year and as I learned in my garden in Michigan, every plant that is added in a garden requires ongoing work. Thank you, Amanda, for your work so I could have a great morning in your garden.

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