Cooling it in the Garden


Since October we have been unnerved by noise at our Florida condo. The teeth jarring noise of jack hammers taking up tile and reciprocating saws going through steel beams. Wood saws vibrating onto our cement ceiling, going down the walls, across the floor, and up our bodies. Wooden mallets hitting the edges of wooden floor planks at just the right velocity to reach our temples. Owners around us are just finishing up renovating their condos and now the association has contracted to have railings fixed. Railings that are medal and embedded in cement. More nerve jangling jackhammers.

My Tuesday morning photography walks at the Naples Botanical Garden have been my sanctuary from the assault on my senses. Fibromyalgia, in part, involves a malfunctioning of the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. Too many get through the spinal column and then the brain amplifies the signals. My nerves are fried so I seemed to focus on the simple as I walked around. I tried to limit the amount of stimulation I studied through my lens.

I focused on simple pleasures…


and strolled down paths that are familiar.


I was drawn to nature’s groupings that emitted a sense of peace…


and lingered near the plants that touched my whimsy.


Prairie Dogs Searching

And as I strolled I found some surprises to distract my focus on my frustrations.


Sometimes life is just plain hard and I’m so fortunate to have a beautiful place to escape to, a place where nature has been nurtured to be its most beautiful. During this season of assault by noise, I found healing by sitting on benches while my senses took in the beauty of my surroundings. Yes, nature does have the capacity to heal.


This post was submitted to Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #33: Nature.

18 thoughts on “Cooling it in the Garden

  1. So sorry to hear about the noise issues. Noise pollution is something that doesn’t get mentioned very often but its effects on well-being can be quite severe. So glad you are able to find relief in Nature.


  2. Loud noise is an assault on the senses, isn’t it? I’m glad you found a place where you can regain some tranquility. Do noise cancelling headphones work? My husband loves them!


  3. True that – about nature’s healing power and I like the pics you shared from the botanical gardens
    Oh and your post reminded me about when we lived in San Jose – the entire time we were at this one rental they were building a hiuse in back of us – not as bad as what you describe – but loud – and then there were the skateboarders at dusk….


    • Oh, Charles, if only it was that short of a time. This nerve-shattering noise has been going on since October. The workers say they are finishing up and today they left at noon. I’m a little uneasy with the quiet. Waiting for the metaphoric other shoe to drop.


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