Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday


There was some excitement at the Naples Botanical Garden yesterday about this beautiful lotus, Victoria. Unfortunately the excitement was shared by only a few people at 8:30 because it is at it’s blooming prime in early morning. By 11:00 when people were coming in greater numbers, this bloom was closing.

This is one plant with thick stalks going to this flower, the leaves, buds and the dying flower that turns pink and then sinks to the bottom (seen on the right). This lily pond is so much fun to photograph in the earlier morning hours when the almost gentle sunlight is being filtered through the trees to the east.

Based on the number of photos in my files, I seem to enjoy the water lilies and orchids the most. My goal for this year will be to focus on the other beautiful blooming plants and the rich, lush foliage of this tropical garden. I doubt, however, that I will ignore the ponds and the orchid garden.


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