My Florida Orchids


It is that time of year when we pack up the back of our car with all those things we think we will need between now and April and head for southern Florida. Things like shoes we didn’t leave there, some clothes I enjoy wearing, fabric for two quilting projects that I have started (no I haven’t found a good fabric store where we reside for the winter), a box of yarn to make hats to bring back in November to donate to the homeless shelter (and another plastic box with all my knitting needles, etc), camera gear, and some boxes that JB has packed up. And of course all our electronics and their respective charging cords.


Our southern winter life and our northern summer life are so different that there isn’t much in either place to trigger memories of what life is like in the other. When I am in one place I seldom think of the other, so I experienced a delightful surprise when I opened this file of photos of the orchids I have attached to the trees around our condo. If I remember right I have eight or ten, some blooming in fall and some in spring. This orchid is a winter/spring bloomer so I’m now excited to see the fall bloomers that will be waiting for me.

Thanks, Cee, for inspiring me to post these posies and do a little writing. I’ve been experiencing a blogging block lately.


5 thoughts on “My Florida Orchids

  1. Seems I’ve been traveling back and forth with you for quite a few years. Am vicariously enjoying your two lives! We had our first snow flurries in SD yesterday. May be a long winter. Safe travels!


    • Thanks for the safe travels prayer. Snow flurries in October – ouch. It has turned cold in Michigan and my body is feeling it so I guess I’m ready to leave. We have a lot more color at this time than in the past few years when we have left – but we’ve had mostly dark over-cast days so no photos.

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    • Thanks, Charles. I still have some old barns to post from our Ontario trip – but I do miss not seeing them in southern FL. Metal pole barns just don’t count as barns.


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