A Late Summer Field on an Amish Farm


In the second week of August, JB & I decided to take a drive a few miles to the west, here in lower Michigan, to a rural area of numerous Amish farming communities. I always take my camera because one time when I didn’t, there was a perfect photo of two draft horses, with a hay wagon backed up to a barn door, waiting for the hay to be unloaded before going for another load. Oh how I want that image that is perfectly composed in my brain.

Most of the time having a camera is a frustrating experience because the Amish do not want to have photographs of themselves because they consider photos to be “graven images” or idolatry. There have been several times when I could have taken a photo while they were facing the other direction (and I did this once) but I haven’t been able to get past the guilt of such blatant disrespect, even with my advanced skill of rationalization.

So I take photos of hay fields on cloudy days in a misty drizzle.


The purpose of our little excursion was to go to the Amish bulk food store to get a few things – and the granola I love to eat on ice cream. I always think that our automobile is strangely out of place in the parking lot – although they do welcome our business.



4 thoughts on “A Late Summer Field on an Amish Farm

  1. I have sympathy with the Amish (not a sentence I ever expected to write) as I hate having my photo taken too. I had to look twice at the photo of the scooter. I have never seen one like that before. A customised bicycle perhaps?


    • They use it as a scooter but with a seat. I have seen people of all ages using them, this belonged to a late-middle-aged man. I have wondered why a chain operated bike would be against their religious values as I believe their farming equipment are gear and/or chain driven. Of course each culture has its own definitions of what is/isn’t acceptable behavior according to the norms that govern what they desire as a civilized society.

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