Blue is a Great Lake


A hundred shades of Lake Michigan blue, looking west from Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan.

I’m in love with the magnificent vastness of the Great Lakes. It is impossible not to be spellbound by the hundred shades of blue layered beyond the shore, reaching to forever. Of course it helps if you have waded into the cold water and summoned the courage to dive in – feeling the cold aliveness against your face. The magnificence is magnified by the knowledge of the strength of their waves that erodes shorelines and sinks ships. Ask people who live on their eastern shores and they will tell you about the power of the storms that come across the five lakes, holding tons of snow to be dumped over the colder land.


Lake Superior blue turning sunset rose from a beach at Pancake Bay, Ontario, Canada

I had the good sense to take these two photos on beautiful summer days, when the air was warm and the breeze was gentle – but I didn’t forget the water is cold.

I was inspired to share these photos and words by Patti’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge word “blue.” Click on the link to see other interpretations of blueWe will be headed to Lake Superior’s southern shore on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a few weeks and posting these photos has me geeked.

21 thoughts on “Blue is a Great Lake

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  2. I saw the ocean for the first time when I was in my twenties. I always thought the ocean would be bigger, grander, more awesome than Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. It isn’t.


    • Yes it is humbling – I am especially humbled by the vastness and wildness of Lake Superior. I read today that it takes 200 years for the water in Lake Superior to be replaced. Wow.


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