Morning Glory


DSC_0175I’ve traveled around the block enough times to realize that my years seem to be marked by rounding cycles that are similar in many ways but also are different. Maybe like a spiral, moving around to familiar places but on a new plane, providing new joy but also new challenges. I plant morning glories every year, even though I never know if they will grow or bloom. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, because of warmth at critical times, amount of fertilizer, and how often I water.

This year my morning glories were slow to bloom because of a month without rain while we were vacationing along the northern east coast. We returned home in mid-August to weak vines with hundred of buds, and then I watered and we received rain. By the time we were rounding the time to head south for a few weeks, the morning glories exploding with blooms.


DSC_0176I am in love with the way the long, narrow white buds unfurl to show the beautiful, clear blue that looks and feels like the finest silk. As late summer rounded the curve into the cool nights of fall, I marveled at the deep purple on the edges and along the curved veins.


The beautiful blue flowers filled my soul with glory every morning as I sat on my purple porch swing with a cup of hot, creamy coffee between my hands, the steam curving up around my face.

Most years JB and I “discuss” when to pull the morning glories, with me negotiating to leave them in the ground until the morning we leave. This year it was JB who suggested we leave them until we returned in November. I thanked him with a smile and a kiss.

This week Ben Huberman at WordPress’s The Daily Post moved outside his comfort zone of straight lines and angles to challenge us to share our interpretation of “rounded.” I love curves, roundness. I have been thinking about the curves and round-about course of my life. I looked through many photographs containing curves because my eye is drawn to the grace they portray. But today I chose to put forth the simple but beautiful roundness of the morning glory. I am needing simple pleasures these days.

21 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. Had to smile with this one…I planned morning glories this spring…they all appeared to have died during the blazing summer we had….but lo and behold….one surviving plant has blessed me with blooms…what a surprise…glad yours did well.

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