Canadian Maritime Provinces: Launching


What fun exploring the small coves and fishing villages with their moored fishing boats on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The lobster boats were waiting to be loaded with the traps, buoys, ropes and other equipment for the beginning of lobster fishing season in November. The boats that were used to fish for summer catches were being taken out of the water for protection from the winter storms. But everywhere there were boats, with even some pleasure boats in the bays of more heavily populated areas.

This week’s prompt by The Daily Post is “launch.”  What a perfect opportunity to share my photos from the Canadian Maritime Provinces of an environment where the launching of fishing boats at high tide is a way of life.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Maritime Provinces: Launching

  1. Absolutely charming, Pat. I just love the Maine seashore, also, with all those black rocks. Show more pictures. I love the first one!


    • Larry, thanks a bunch. If you want to overdose, click on the icon on the right side that says Previous Posts to Check Out and scroll down under Travel to Maritime Provinces Canada. We have spent a lot of time traveling there in the past few years.


    • I’ve got some more buildings to post – I’m still sorting through the photos determining which ones have a story connected and which ones I’ll leave to my readers to imagine the story.


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