Silent Sunday: Pumpkins for Sale

10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Pumpkins for Sale

    • If there is it will be a quirk. We are having several days of above average temps. Right now it is 95 degrees. I long for frosty mornings and 70 degree days – fall weather.


  1. I love this photo. I was raised in upstate New York (near Binghamton) and our relatives lived in southern New Hampshire. The fog and the orange pumpkins on the wagon brings childhood memories of fall and the leaves turning. I live in the Pacific Northwest and miss the colors in the fall, though I have learned to find them among the firs and cedars–vine maples and aspens, if I can make a road trip.
    It’s really the mood you’ve captured for me, and the photo is lovely in itself. We used to have a vegetable stand at the road and used the honor system. Wondering: how’s our honor doing these days? I love your blogs, Pat. Keep writing and taking photos. Loved your “breakfast at the counter.” Made me laugh and I need all the laughter I can get. Safe travels.


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