The fading importance of
prior achievements fall golden
from trees once productive.
Catching the soft autumn light to
glimmer their glory or
as a finale to what was.


I’ve been doing some reading of books of poetry and some books and blogs on writing poetry. I was excited to read a useful explanation of using metaphors in poetry posted by  in Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft on the website dVerse – Poets Pub. A couple days later while driving through gently falling yellow leaves catching the soft autumn sunlight I had my inspiration for trying my hand at using metaphors. Not an easy shift for someone who had spent a lifetime doing and teaching technical writing.


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    • Do you really think this is a good use of metaphor? I have sat upon it for a few days and every time I came back to it I liked it, changing “productive” to a different word that didn’t work, so back to my original choice.


    • Thanks, Charles. I’m feeling a little nervous putting poetry out there – along with the notion that an “old woman can learn new ways to speak.”


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