Northern Vermont Old Barns



We decided to settle down for two night in northern Vermont so we could do a scenic drive up toward the Canadian border today. We had finished a great lunch at a very busy Cajun restaurant suggested by a women having a barn sale and were just about ready to turn east and then back south when we crested a hill and saw this old barn. I could hear it calling my name.


I had some fun thinking about the best way to capture the texture and color, taking a few photos. I wondered about who built it, how it was used, about all the winters that weathered it’s exteriors. I wonder who hung the saw blade and snow shoes – who had used them in the normal course of their existence?


We had turned onto a side road to get safely off the busy road we had been on. When we turned around and started back I saw the most beautiful part of this complex of barns.


I have enjoyed looking at the old homes and barns in these New England states, how they were added onto as a need for more space arose. I marvel at how added walls butt up to the existing building and roof lines merge, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not so much. And I wonder what stories are attached with each new addition.

18 thoughts on “Northern Vermont Old Barns

    • I have no idea because I’m not from this area. Could the story be that they were built over decades. They are close to the Canadian border so it could be either English or French farmers. There was a very well maintained more modern house on the other corner but noone came out to see what I was up to, as so commonly happens.

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