Trying to Make Them B&W


I know how to turn my photographs into black and white, but I need to make my mind want to do black and white. I have nothing against the colorless mode and have really enjoyed viewing other photographers’ works in black and white. But when I make an image of the world, I don’t want to see it in black and white when there are so many colors hitting my retina and lighting up my brain. I even like the image of this boat, taken on the southern shore of Nova Scotia.

But the color is so much more interesting.


I have spent a considerable amount of time post editing each image and then just looking at them, enjoying them. But I seem to linger over the colored image a little longer. That is how they have studied preference and recognition in infants, by measuring how long they gaze at something.

I would really appreciate hearing from all you photographers and those of you who enjoy photography to give me some feedback. Tell me which one you prefer and why. If you love black and white, share with me your thoughts of why this image does or doesn’t work. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

24 thoughts on “Trying to Make Them B&W

  1. There are images that I’d rather see in B&W because the latter clears up the noise of the color version, or because it creates more compelling lines, or because it provides an atmosphere that the colored version does not.

    Here, while the colored version is pretty, I prefer the B&W version because it invites me to fill the missing details.


  2. You are absolutely right. I have asked many photographers what subjects they would take as monochrome and others as color. They couldn’t really tell me but I do understand. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. Love both photos. MZ


    • I am coming to the conclusion that it is in the eye of the beholder. If I were a professional, I would probably print both for selling because some photos do well both ways.

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  3. So difficult sometimes to choose between a b&w version and the colour one. When I saw the b&w version in the Reader, it appealed to me straight away. To me, it looks like a pencil drawing; I like the softness. When I scrolled down and saw the colour version, I liked this one also. The gentle blues in the limited colour palette appeal to me very much.

    I have to say, I don’t always think of converting to mono, but just sometimes an image which doesn’t work so well in colour converts much better into b&w. In your example, both styles work.


    • Now that you mention it, I have liked B&W water falls. They tend to be toward the B&W with very subtle color and turning them into B&W intensifies what our eye sees.


  4. I have come across very few photos of my own that I preferred in black and white. Mostly something old, with nostalgia built in. I took the iPhone photography school classes in which they said to take the photos in color rather than black and white because you’ve edited the photo in a sense right from go. Then convert them and see what you think.

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  5. I love the color photo. Sometimes black and white “works” and sometimes it just doesn’t. I was once a newspaper photographer back in the days when papers rarely used color, so I do like black and white photography. However, I find that now I usually prefer color.


  6. I feel your dilemma. I just know that B/W does not work across the board. I generally let the subject matter, and what I want to convey in the photo to dictate which to chose. If I want to show more contrast between light and dark areas, then I will lean to a B/W. Sometimes I want to convey the starkness, and strip away all colour. There are no hard and fast rules that I can apply here. And to be totally untechnical, sometimes it depends on the mood I am in. Do what pleases you. Cheers.

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    • Thanks, Dan. Color always pleases me, but for some reason I’ve been thinking I need to broaden my repertoire. I do enjoy coming close to B&W but with subtle hints of color – like the second image. Enjoyed reading your views.


  7. The color is beautifully muted and certainly deserves attention. The BW takes back, it’s has atmosphere, history, its aged the science. TheBW has more to say, while the color is pleasing and lovely.


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