Northumberland Straits


Our last few nights on Prince Edward Island were spent at a provincial park on the Northumberland Straits, next to the beach, looking over the water. A very beautiful setting and we had full hook-ups. What more could we want. Here are some images that brought a smile to my face and will give you a taste of the park.


We visited past high season but a few swimmers were brave enough to wade into the cold waters. I think the job of life guard can get very boring because he spent some time practicing cart wheels and hand stands on the grass when there weren’t people to guard. He needs a lot of practice.

5 thoughts on “Northumberland Straits

  1. Must be a lot of people with scottish ancestry – nova scotia, prince edward island etc. I have a feeling it was after the bloody slaughter and eviction of highlanders by the Duke of Cumberland that many highland Scotsman emigrated to Canada and the US.


    • Yes there are a lot of them. I can hear a lingering lilt of the accent in their speech. I read an interesting book about immigrants to Nova Scotia but the book is at home so I can’t tell you the title.


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