Blueberry Fields Forever


…for miles and miles and miles if you are driving around northwestern Nova Scotia. We were admiring the change of scenery as we drove north on highway 2 and JB exclaimed, “They are picking blueberries, these are blueberry fields that we have been seeing.” We debated whether they are planted or growing naturally wild and finally decided that they are growing naturally because they grow where it would be very difficult to plant – and they are everywhere. Both sides of the road for miles and miles.


We have seen them harvest low bush blueberries with mechanical harvesters that are pushed, but here they are harvested by tractors with special equipment attached.


We have eaten the wild blueberries we purchased in pancakes, on cereal, in oatmeal, with peaches, and just plain. We paid between $3.50 and $5.00 a pint (Canadian) but there are a lot of berries in a pint because they are so small. The next time you open that little can of blueberries that comes with boxed blueberry muffins, think of me and this post. We saw trucks of blueberries, some of which were probably going to processing plants.

5 thoughts on “Blueberry Fields Forever

  1. Amazing. We have wild blueberries here in Poland but they mainly grow in the forest and are hand-picked, primarily by old ladies who sell them to make some cash. We grow our own American blueberries on our homestead and it has been a very good year for them!


    • In the US (Michigan) we get the cultivated, big berries that grow on bushes. They are much bigger than the wild blueberries that grow close to the ground. Yes they are hard to pick but the small, wild ones have so much flavor.


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