Easy Supper Tonight


We had some errands to run this morning and on the way home we stopped at the produce stand in the side parking lot of Bob’s Gas Station & Convenience Store. Easy stop on our way home, especially if we park in the restaurant lot behind Bob’s.

Hadn’t given much thought about supper because it’s my job to plan that meal and something I don’t enjoy doing. This stop made it really easy. They have had the best sweet corn, young and sweet and tender. I buy half a dozen – two to eat and four to cut off the cob and freeze. The peaches, so fresh from the tree that one had leaves attached, will be great with the Canadian blueberries I bought at the store yesterday. The tomatoes have been great this year – ripe, firm, with a great fresh taste. I thought about a grilled cheese sandwich with some smoked gouda, cheddar jack, and swiss, a slice of tomato and mayo, but instead decided on bacon, lettuce and tomato. And of course a nice helping of steamed squeaky-fresh green beans. Now, is that good eating?

The young zuchinni will be made into bread in the next day or two. Tomorrow I’m off to Grand Rapids to take senior photographs of my granddaughter, Emily at the Meijer Botanical Garden. I’m really excited.

7 thoughts on “Easy Supper Tonight

    • Thanks – it was a great time and now I’m going to download the shots to see what we have. I do know we made some great memories and that is what its all about.


    • I find that so funny. There have been foods that were so delicious in Europe but when I try to replicate it in the U.S. it just isn’t the same. Maybe its all about location, location, location. 😉


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