August is my Favorite Morning


I’ve been missing morning this summer. Not all of them because once a week Julie and I leave kinda early for our outings; not all of them because I don’t sleep until noon. I’m a morning kind of person but my stiffening body and just-a-part-of-aging lower energy means that I want to start my day a little slower, a little gentler. Sitting with a cup of coffee on my porch swing or in my reading chair, eating a bowl of cereal with lots and lots of blueberries, smelling the fresh morning air floating on a slightly cool breeze kind of gentle start.


The mornings I have been missing are when the sun is coming through the tree across the street and dancing around my flower garden. It is the August and September mornings that I have been missing. In May, June and July the sun comes up so early that by the time I get up and pour my coffee, the sun is too strong for garden photography. August and September are those glorious months where we help each other, the sun and I, to rise and revel in the lushness of my late summer garden.


I have been pining for that wonderful early morning sun that is so clear and gentle that it makes the dew covered flowers glow. August is such a wonderful month full of gentle morning sun, exuberantly blooming plants, and produce stands brimming with farm fresh produce. Time to take my shower and go for some peaches, sweet corn and tomatoes.


14 thoughts on “August is my Favorite Morning

  1. Such pretty flowers to be growing in your own garden. Over here in southern Oz August is really cold. I’m looking forward to mornings when I can get outside for my morning coffee. Your post reminds me of what a pleasure that can be.


    • Hang in there, Suzanne. I lived through many years of waiting for the warmth of spring here in the northern hemisphere. Some years it is so slow in coming. I’m glad I can provide a trigger for your good memories.

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      • Yes, it can be quite a wait some years – just got caught in the rain so spring still feels like it’s quite a long way off.


    • Charles, I have a perfect peach and blueberry cobbler recipe. I’ll make some if you want to come for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. 🙂


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