I wrote about “Commitment” and it seems that it touched a lot of people – which is why I write and blog. One of the people it touched is Aunt Bea. If you haven’t met Aunt Bea yet, you really need to get to know her. What excites me is that Charles Martin has captured and expressed the same meanings and sentiments about commitment but in the form of poetry – with a whole lot less words. And I remember the words attributed to Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams (paraphrased) “I’m sorry for the long letter. I would have written a shorter one, but I didn’t have the time.”

Read Between the Minds

i asked aunt bea
how she
my uncle
stayed married so long
how she managed
to care for him
just before his death
aunt bea
it’s like
having a garden
you have to
tend to it
if you
want life’s fruit
the earth has to be cultivated
like a lover and friend
long before the seeds
enter the earth
once there
like vows said
the gardening
begins in earnest
you see
a garden
ain’t like eden
lots tears and sweat
are necessary
to keep the weeds down
the soil suitable
for life
only to sprout
to grow well
all the while
you have to keep
an eye out
since plants
don’t need
the same thing
so you gotta
what you’ve been doing
to keep it all in balance
though you
won’t feel so balanced
as you doing it

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