Down Dirt Roads: Wildflowers


We did our “down dirt roads” outing last week and found several new ones a little north of where we have wandered through Amish country. Julie was driving and she didn’t stop by any Amish farms and I didn’t say the magic word (stop), even though there were lots of interesting images waiting to be captured. Sometimes I am tempted to take photos of children, or adults when their back is turned or I am a distance away. But I don’t because I know they don’t like their photos to be take – for religious reasons. And I want to respect their right to privacy. It seems extra important to me as we, as a culture, seem to be showing an increasing lack of respect for the needs and rights of those who are different while at the same time screaming when others disrespect our rights. I keep remembering what Mr. Stott taught me in my high school civics class: My rights end where your rights begin. Probably wouldn’t get many votes as a campaign slogan.


We kept our eye on the sky, more to look for blue and some sun instead of a concern of bad weather. We picked the day because it was the only one that didn’t have a forecast of rain. Sometimes we pick wrong.

It was a good morning for wild flowers as they are just coming into bloom. Julie and I tried to name them but really didn’t know most of them. I find it hard to remember from one year to the next, just like it is hard to remember names of acquaintances. Good thing I have a wildflower book or two for reference.

I would appreciate help with those wild flowers I couldn’t identify. I especially like the one in the bottom right-hand corner.

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