Being Unfocused: How Sweet it is.


A hot summer day seems to call me to lessen my focus, to dull my response, to slow down my breathing as I sit on my purple porch swing. Ben called for this week’s The Daily Post photography entries to focus on focus. I like to have my photographic subjects focused so most photos where I “messed up the focus” are deleted. I don’t have a keyword label for out-of-focus.

This one I saved, however, and it reflects my emotional view of life as we are working our way through the current early-summer hot spell. Although maybe it doesn’t have as much to do with a hot summer day as it does with my joy of growing older.

I am rejoicing in a newly-found state of mind where things that used to matter a lot, used to get me all worked up, aren’t as important any more. I can get concerned about our political mess but its okay for me to let it be a little blurred around the edges. Although I will act if I need to, my decreased energy requires that I be discerning about what I get worked up about. I have found that stress increases the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia more than just about anything else.

I have found my sweet-spot of emotional and intellectual contentment if I focus in on what is happening in my state and national capitals – and then take a few steps back until it is all slightly out of focus. Photography has taught me a lot about life.

13 thoughts on “Being Unfocused: How Sweet it is.

  1. Pat, we identify with your words around your photo 100%, we are going through a similar set of reflections (Existentialist!) which I am going to do a big post about on Monday.Too many people joining the Forever Young Brigade for our liking, not slowing down and gaining the fulfilment of the Maturity stage of life.


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  3. Yes, nicely put, Pat! We can focus too much on the bigger picture that we can do nothing to change. Sometimes we have to focus on our porch swing and crop the rest out of our view for a time. Have a good summer. Stress is not good for any ailment!


  4. That is purely magical, Pat! I beleive you have hit the nail on the head with focus and blurring around the edges in everyday life. Life is much too short for all this stress. Such a gentle and beautiful image. I am glad you did not put this one in the trash, Pat šŸ™‚

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