Sun Escape


I’ve been wondering if we came to Michigan a tad too early this year. We have had a week of grey skies (mostly) and lots of rain (but no flooding) and today’s high is only going to be 47 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m diverting myself from what is going on outside by finishing up a snuggle quilt for my grandson and his family, printing photos for framing and card making, and household tasks that are giving a sense of accomplishment and joy.

We had a little slice of sun yesterday afternoon before the cold front blew in with more rain. This morning the grey is getting to me so I’m focusing on the predicted sun tomorrow that Julie and I are going to use for a trip to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary. It doesn’t seem to be quite enough, however, to counter my current greys (kind of like blues) so I decided to go back to my Florida botanical garden files to find a little sunshine. Then I’m going to focus on today’s tasks and ignore what is going on outside my window here in Michigan. Maybe I’ll play a little Billy Joel and James Taylor to out sing the howling wind.

I feel a smile and some joy bubbling up. And I am sending up a prayer for all those affected by the storms moving across our country’s midsection who won’t find joy today, but must just prod through the clean-up.

8 thoughts on “Sun Escape

  1. We in the upper 80’s to low 90’s here in SoCal…but are expecting a break from the heat beginning of next week…our summer seems to have started early here…hope you get some sun soon.


    • It was getting into the lower 90’s in southern FL, which is why we don’t stay any longer. I understand why we do what we do, wouldn’t do it differently, but still feel a need to gripe a little. 🙂


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