Barefoot Beach


JB and I decided to go to Blueberrys for a gyro supper and then drive up to Barefoot Beach, almost to Lee County and Ft. Myers. A long drive for an evening outing, but we were in the mood for a new experience. As we made the left turn on the drive down the shoreline to the county park that maintains the beach, we realized that this wasn’t a new experience – we recognized the drive through the exclusive, upscale residential neighborhood. At the gate, there is a sign for people who are heading for the beach telling us not to stop along the way for any reason. A somewhat strange arrangement for both residents and visitors of the beach.


Look closely to see a wind-surfer under and to the right of the sail.

When we exited the short path from the parking lot to the beach, we were surprised to feel the energy of the water. There was a stiff wind, lots of wave action, not many people, but lots of noise. The surf was roaring, and JB and I both found it exciting and pleasant. It seemed to create a cocoon around me; I was alone with the water.

We walked a ways down the beach, into the wind, connecting occasionally to share our pleasure and joy. Maybe that is how we are, now that we are “old,” (what a hard statement to make – much easier to say we are aging). We respect each other as individuals, we enjoy having our own thoughts and opinions, but we connect frequently to share ourselves with the other, and to enjoy the other in our relationship. We are navigating this aging process by being together, holding hands – while at the same time having the space to be the person we were created to be.

I had added joy because I was able to re-experience the seascape, the beach from the perspective of a new lens. I purchased a Nikon Nikkor 55-200mm VR lens that was not expensive (really inexpensive after a $200 instant rebate) and I think I’m going to like it. It is lightweight, I can take acceptably sharp images hand-held, and it is a nice compliment for my favorite – a 50mm dedicated lens. This evening I was seeing what I could do with it without a tripod.

Total and complete joy, even though we didn’t stay for the sunset because we had forgotten to put chairs in the car. Life can be very good with a little flexibility.

6 thoughts on “Barefoot Beach

  1. Your lovely words really resonate with where Maggie and I are in this “aging” thing. We also share special moments hand in hand on the beach, sandals off, just the roar of the waves to envelope us. I know you will enjoy and the challenge a new lens presents. I have a Nikon D5300 with a 18-250mm lens, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Thanks for writing.


    • I thought it wouldn’t be a big adjustment because I have several in that range, but in the garden I was frequently too close to my subject or I couldn’t get a focus or whatever. But that is the fun of it – seeing I don’t have the pressure of having to make a living. Keep your posts coming!


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