Doors & Windows of Cuba



I did a lot of walking in Trinidad and was intrigued by the grandeur of the architecture, indicating the wealth that once was. I have a hard time admiring people with enormous wealth because I believe that in most cases it was made at the expense of someone else – in 1700 and 1800 Cuba it was slaves. It produces a cognitive dissonance because I do admire the beauty and craftsmanship that this wealth can purchase. I am intrigued by the skill that produced the doors within huge doors.


And windows, within windows that are big enough to be really big doors. We were told that the metal cages around the windows were built to keep pirates from breaking in.


The really big windows are functional, allowing maximum air circulation in the tropical climate, with very hot and humid summers. They also give people a place to be, to watch and interact with the people on the street. But that’s another post.


9 thoughts on “Doors & Windows of Cuba

  1. The window and the door in the top two photos have what looks like a Moorish influence – I guess from the island’s history under Spanish control and of Spain’s occupation by Berbers and Arabs from the Magreb.

    Are we moving forward? Does history look different when one gets up close to the events? How can slavery have taken place at all? As they say, it’s ‘complicated’

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  2. These are gorgeous Pat. Great photos. While slpmartin’s comment is accurate, it does not deny the beauty you have captured here, a strange compelling irony given the evil of slavery.


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