Jaded in the Garden


Twice this winter, as I was walking through the Caribbean section of the Naples Botanical Garden, I had a volunteer tell me not to miss the Jade Vine growing in the columned walk – where the beautiful purple Queen’s Wreath grows. The first time I saw it I didn’t think they were growing naturally – they had the color that comes when florists dye plants. My reaction was that nature just doesn’t produce this color. I took photos but didn’t post them because – well, they just weren’t natural.


The second time I was still amazed by the color and once again took photos. This time I’m sharing because they are such an unusual color, have a graceful shape, and the fact that the petals come out of a small purple bead has enamored me. I’m also in the process of posting those images from my walks through the garden that don’t fit into a garden story but are worth a post. I’m engaging in my getting-ready-to-go-north rituals.

4 thoughts on “Jaded in the Garden

    • When I first photographed it, I didn’t post it because I was afraid people would think I over-processed it. I just doesn’t look real!


  1. What a coincidence, Maggie and I were at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens yesterday and encountered the same plant on a number of spots. There was also one of the flowers hooked onto our glass of hibiscus tea when we went for lunch. Very different. Needless to say, between the flowers and the birds, our cameras went into overtime. As usual, well done. Thanks Pat.

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