Cuba: Gran Theatro de La Habana


The Great Theater of Havana is one magnificent building. I wasn’t able to take photos of the exterior because of weather but was thrilled with the interior architecture. It houses the Cuban National Ballet and has hosted renowned performers of the arts from around the world.



Sharon and I checked to see if we could see a performance while we were in Havana but it didn’t work out. Our constellation prize was to see the performance hall, but that wasn’t possible either because practice was taking place. I was able to swallow my disappointment as we walked the spiraling staircase to the upper level where the art museum is.





This is a celebration of the intelligence and talent of people to create works of art on a grand scale. I hope we, as a country, will continue to look for ways to make sure all people have an adequate standard of living while at the came time supporting great artists.

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