Cuba: A Quiet Place in Havana

20161029-dsc_0848We were touring Havana and our guide took us to the Plaza de San Francisco, a plaza close to Havana Harbor and rich in history dating back to 1575 when the land was first drained. This has always been an important square, servicing merchant ships with markets and where goods entered, including slaves.

We had toured the opera house, waited under a roof during a heavy down poor, and then walked to this plaza. I watched children chasing pigeons and took lots of photos of the beautiful buildings.

I find the hustle and bustle of city life exhausting and was feeling the need to retreat. I was exhausted and my body was beginning to hurt all over. I was feeling the desire for a three-year-old-type meltdown when Lester, our guide, approached me and asked if I wanted to see a quiet little garden. None was in site but I followed as he walked around the corner of the basilica where shade trees seemed to hide a lovely small garden dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


I took a deep breath and felt the tension drain from my body. The morning rain had cleansed everything, including the air. I enjoyed the tropical plants and watching a young family eat lunch. There were small plaques honoring different artists who have enriched the culture. And there were several architectural features that where fun to photograph.

Here in the city was the quiet I needed to renew my body and enrich my spirit.

I wonder what images images come to mind when you think of “quiet.” You can share by following this link to Ailsa’s post of Travel Theme: Quiet.

You can read about how we found the wonderful travel company we used and the design of this custom tour at my post Cuba: Traveling on the Edge. You can find information about the travel agency we used with this link: Positive Things and Destinations. I receive no compensation for referrals, I provide the link because we trust the owners and had such a good experience.

12 thoughts on “Cuba: A Quiet Place in Havana

  1. It’s more than twenty Yeats since I visited Cuba. Your images record a Havana in much better shape than it was in 1994. I’m glad. I found it a fascinating place with a people who were mainly warm and open.


  2. Hello Pat, Beautiful words, I always love reading you. I also like that little green treasure. This garden leaves behind the noisy traffic on “Avenida del Puerto” and gives you a peace of rest in the always busy Havana.


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