Cuba: A Resilient People

My take-away impression of the Cuban people after visiting for 8 days was that the people are resilient and resourceful. It is a poor country and people work hard for low wages in government jobs, but many are also taking advantage of the government’s decision to issue licences for people to open private restaurants and B & B rooms.  People also find ways to make money on the side – like the woman working at a museum who was working on some needlework as she watched that people didn’t destroy any exhibits. When I commented on the beauty of her work, she quickly went to her bag and pulled out some pieces for me to buy. They didn’t have much compared with people living in more prosperous countries, but they made do with what they had in creative ways.

There is no denying that life is difficult for the people living in Cuba. But what I saw as I walked their streets was that they continued to have hope for a better future, and they worked hard, sought the company of others, loved their children and found time for fun.


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11 thoughts on “Cuba: A Resilient People

  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts and images. may things go well for Cuba in the days ahead. have never visited there before, but have heard many positive things from friend and family who have been there. maybe one day… 🙂

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    • I thought of this often, and I think they are below that threshold of income that is necessary for physical and emotional well-being. They have some things going for them like a low crime rate and good universal healthcare.


  2. I am looking at the photo with all the cardboard boxes on the cart. In North America those would likely be plastic boxes with lids. Think of the senseless waste compared with using items that are readily available. We could be much more resourceful and less wasteful. Great post!


  3. I really like your article, I am going to reblog this one for you. Hopefully this will get a few more followers headed your way. I hope you have a great weekend.


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