Anticipations: Past and Future


We are snowbirds, and this year we had to leave Michigan just as the fall color was beginning. I didn’t really want to leave my beloved landscape of farmer’s fields and trees. But my anticipation for visiting the Naples, Florida Botanical Gardens was growing.


My heart smiled in anticipation of palm trees, bamboo, and orchids growing in trees. But the Thanksgiving holiday was fast approaching and we had tickets to fly north again. I giggled in anticipation of snow. Last year we didn’t see any in December.


This year we have had bone-chilling cold and a steady fall of new snow, resulting in an aching body and clipped wings. If only I could go out and play in the snow. My world here has become pretty black & white and my anticipation for the warm sun on my back and cool breeze on my face is growing. On January 1 we spread our wings and fly back to Florida – with a little help from Delta wings.


Now my anticipation is growing for another morning walk on the beach. We will settle in there and be content – until late March when I will begin to anticipate, with great yearning, the awakening of spring in Michigan.


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15 thoughts on “Anticipations: Past and Future

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  2. I grew up in Michigan and moved to Texas in 75. I go back and forth now and miss the Autumn and am just starting to miss the first month of winter… may have something to do with hot flashes. πŸ™‚ enjoyed your post.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m trying to figure out if I get excited by the snow or just remember the excitement I used to feel with every snowfall. What I feel most is the ache in my body. πŸ˜€


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