My Wish has been Realized – Now I Want it Back.


This year I wanted snow during our Michigan stay for the holidays. Last year there was a big snow the week before Thanksgiving, that was gone by the time we flew in, and the rest of the winter was relatively mild. The five weeks we were here it didn’t snow because it wasn’t below freezing very often – as I remember.

On the first Sunday evening of this December, JB called me to look outside and there it was. It was as magical as it had been when I was six. If I were six I would have begged to go out to play, but now that I’m in my 70’s I grabbed shoes and jacket, tripod and camera. I didn’t wander off the porch because my stiff and aching body had different ideas of what it means to play.


The stillness of a winter garden.

We have had snow accumulations several times since that first Sunday evening’s delight. I still get excited when I see those great big flurries drifting and dancing their way to the ground – even JB shows some excitement but not quite as much as I do. He is responsible for snow removal, aka, shoveling the stuff.

It is colder this year and I am feeling it. I remember why we go to Florida during the winter months, it is so difficult to keep my fibromyalgia under control. The lower temps and higher humidity of this winter are making my muscles hurt so much that I frequently find it hard to stand erect. I do my twisted penguin walk.

I’m not complaining – okay, yes I am. But not really because I am still doing most things I want to do – like shop and decorate and have friends over for supper. JB and I were laughing the other day that our life seems to revolve around food now that we are older. My best times are sitting around the table with friends and/or family. I enjoy cooking for them and enjoy them cooking for me even more. We laugh and talk a little politics and try to laugh about politics, and of course make plans for our next meal together. And I get really tired – but it is a good kind of tired. I have loved my way into fatigue.

We are hosting our card club tonight and I have a little more decorating to do. My posts take a while to write because I work a little and rest a little (with my computer) and then work a little more. I get most things done if I pace myself this way – at least the most important things. I find that what doesn’t get done, doesn’t really matter anyway.

Over the next couple of days we are suppose to get some more lake-effect snow. Some are saying 2-3 inches, others say up to a foot. JB finally decided that he really did need to get the snow blower out of the shed and start it up – just in case. And I am happy we got some snow – but it also feels like enough. I’m ready for a 70 degree day instead of the teens that are coming. I hear more pain and fatigue in the forecast. I also predict more posts in the near future as I rest and watch the snow fall outside my window.

I got my inspiration for this post from Krista who works hard to inspire us in our blogging. The photo challenge for this week is “New Horizon” and she prompts us to, “Look ahead! How will you make the best of this beautiful day?”

15 thoughts on “My Wish has been Realized – Now I Want it Back.

  1. We just flew back to our snow home in Alberta from our desert home in AZ. Wow, what a change! Snow and -21C temps (-6F). We arrived 4 days ago, and I haven’t set foot outside except to shovel about 10 feet of sidewalk!


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  3. Hmm…I get to see the snow on the mountains near us from my house….and can even drive to it in an hours…and then head to the beach to warm up…just saying…snows great but…well I’d rather just look at it…have a wonderful weekend! Oh and do stay warm. 🙂


    • Now staying warm is another issue – because my being cold is alternated with being too hot because my medication causes hot flashes. LOL You sound perfectly happy right where you are. How wonderful!


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