Photo Challenge: Relax


20161116-dsc_0242Relaxing under a sprawling Live Oak in Florida. That was what I was doing a month ago although it is hard to imagine it on this cloudy, cold, damp day in Michigan.

via Photo Challenge: Relax

11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Relax

  1. Be careful what you wish for, snow falls, it seems do not come made to order. I like winter. Probably left over memories of my childhood. Now, it appears, I run from it, as evident by our upcoming 4 month stay in Mexico. Hope you get back to the warmth soon. Cheers.


    • Well, Dan, I was thinking of great big flakes falling gently from the sky, with maybe 4 inches on the ground. I got it all under control. LOL Like my best memories from years ago. Have a great stay in Mexico.


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