Magic Bananas


Isn’t it magic – how bananas grow on a tree. I’m so glad I paid attention in biology class in high school because there it is, how nature reproduces itself. See all those little bananas just getting started. See how they grow – so when you want just two from the display at the grocery store, you have to break them off. That dead stuff hanging off each banana is the flower – it comes off easily.


Who would guess that all those small flowers under the purplish bract will grow into bananas – without pollination.


These look like they could be ready to pick to ripen in the house. I found these three stages of bananas growing at the Naples Botanical Garden. How they grow is so different than what I am accustom to in the northern part of the country. It seems that it takes being someplace new to help us experience the magic of all growing things.

This is the link to the Daily Post prompt of “Magic”.

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